Jesse and amanda

We have purchased two Morgan/Titan homes over the years and have been very happy with both homes.  The team over at Morgan Homes was extremely helpful every step of the way including a consultation with their designer (Zoe) who helped us choose our finishings, multiple conversations with their sales manager (Rob) who was always available to answer all of our many questions and a very competent team of contractors.  I was also very impressed with the after sales service and their full commitment to their one year warranty.  Overall their price was the best and the quality of home is superior to any modular home we visited.  We highly recommend the team at Morgan Homes and are very happy with our Home!


We ordered our modular home, through Morgan Homes.  It was our first, and didn't know much about the builds.  It is family run business and that was a comfort in its self.  From start to finish they we all hands on and always available to talk, any time, any day of the week, about any part of the process as it went along.  Price point was a seller, no hidden agenda's.  Our home all came together nicely and within the time frame given. ( 4 months )

We have and will continue to, recommend Morgan Homes if you are in the market for modular home.  great family and wonderful to work with.

Thank you Morgan Homes Inc.



My family purchased a Titan Home/Morgan Home back in 2015.  The objective of this purchase was to determine if we could turn a profit by developing a lot from scratch and selling the home on the open market.  Once of the biggest hurdles in building homes is time.  With the streamlined process of going modular, we cut out most of the trades which allowed us to complete this project in half the time it would take to build a site built home.  We placed the order in May of 2015 and the home was delivered in June and we had the home completed by the end of June.  We loved the home so much that we decided to keep it as a cottage for a year and then sold it after the next season.  Overall the experience was very positive and the home turned out great!  For details regarding this project, visit our Video Tab to see the project from start to finish.