Morgan Homes Incorporated (MHI) is a family owned and operated company based in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, just North East of the Greater Toronto Area. With over 10 years of experience in real estate, construction and property development, MHI offers an array of custom built quality homes ranging in size from 500 to nearly 1,700 square feet. The company currently operates in the GTA, Kingston, and all Municipalities in between.

Operating as a builder and retailer for Titan homes (subsidiary to Champion Homes), Morgan Homes Incorporated has strategically aligned itself with industry leaders. Champion Homes and all of its subsidiaries have built over 1.7 million homes throughout North America and the UK since their inception nearly 60 years ago. With a proven track record and six decades of experience, you can be assured a Morgan Home will exceed all expectations.

All of our homes go through a strict review process beginning with a detailed floor plan that is approved by Buyer, detailed Engineered Drawings that are reviewed and stamped here in Ontario, CSA (Canadian Safety Authority) approval and a series of in house Quality Assurance/Quality Control measures are implemented during construction to ensure the home is built in compliance, and often in excess of what is required by the Ontario Building Code.